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pasture-raised poultry.

Culinary Benefits of Cooking with Pastured Meat
Keep in mind that the consistency, texture, colour and flavours of food from pasture-raised animals differ from those of intensively produced foods. Pasture-raised chickens contain less fat and water and lend themselves best to roasting, grilling, or slow simmering, not quick sautéing. The biggest difference that our customers notice in our chickens and turkeys is the flavour but second is the meat density and lack of water. Pasture-raised chickens grow more slowly and are older at slaughter (56-65 days) than intensively raised chickens (39-42 days).

Pre-Order Chicken
Pre-Order Chicken
Pre-Order Turkey
Order Organic Garlic
Pre-Order Chicken
Pre-Order Turkey
Order Organic Garlic

Pre-Order Chickens – $7.00/lb

  • We are accepting orders for fresh chickens on our process dates.
  • Our process dates are  to be announced in 2023.
  • Fresh chickens will be available those dates AFTER 5:30pm
  • Frozen chicken may be available now, please call or text for pick up arrangements.

    Pre-Order Turkeys – $7.00/lb

    • GREAT NEWS !
    • Fresh TURKEYS will be available the week before Thanksgiving.
    • As we store them in our freezer, they will be frozen after Oct 6. 2023.

        Order Garlic – $14.00/lb

        Garlic will be ready in late July
        The smaller cloves are available at $14.00 lb
        Medium cloves $2.00; Large $2.50 and Extra large $3.00 lb.
        Fresh organic garlic available at the farm

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