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Tricia Sullivan and Leo Lindinger

680 Dairy Rd., Kamloops, BC

(250) 682-1010


What Our Customers Say

Super friendly! Really delicious organic chicken.

Chelsie C

Beautiful garden! Delicious farm raised, free range chicken and turkey. My dogs enjoy their chicken feet and necks. I buy extra to make stock.

Nora S

The garden is so beautiful, the chickens and turkeys are so good. Great place to buy them and to visit as well.

Giselle R

Open for Farm and Garden Tours

We have enough space and parking to accommodate group tours, including students from local schools. We’ve created a park-like garden setting around the home and farm and invite you to visit both our Naturescapes Garden and farm animals. Enjoy the many colours in our Sullindeo farm garden from spring to fall, and the vivid, fragrant blooms of our flowers. Call ahead to book a tour (250) 682.1010

    Interested in ordering fresh chickens or turkeys?